YouTube Awards Show on Norwegian Broadcaster TVNorge the 15th of February at 20.30


From Monday 4th of March until Friday 25. March the 16th, all Norwegians, fans and channel owners can nominate whoever they want in the right categories once. That`s why you have to log in with Facebook or Instagram.

Read carefully the description of the categories before you vote.

The 8 who get the most nominations in each categories goes to the jury meeting who decides who gets 4 nominated and who wins. The jury consist of members of the YouTube Networks and NRK.

What you want to know about the nominations::

  • all YouTube channels, videos and Youtumere most have Norwegians behind the channel or live in Norway
  • you can nominate in 8 categories - YouTuber of the year is decided by the jury
  • Everybody can nominate, in Norway or abroad.
  • Everybody can ask for nominations
  • A nomination is the same as a vote
  • You can only vote for one video, channel or YouTube pr category - but you can change your vite during the nomination period.
  • The jury decides everything and can decide in questions